Like in Bollywood

Head to India with a spectacle of sparkling and colorful dances



Celebrate Indian culture by calling on our magnificent Golden Dancers, and experience the immersion through our Bollywood, Tollywood, Banghra and Indian shows. Bollywood is the contraction of Bombay (Mumbai) and Hollywood, a nod to American productions for this El Dorado of Indian cinema, it brings together Indian dances, hip-hop and comedy.

Traditional Bollywood Dance is revisited by Les Danseuses d'or and revisited more modern!
Sparkling Saris are decorated with tons of glitter!
Women often wear dozens of bracelets on their wrists which, when they dance, set the pace.
An enchanting escape that will make you travel to India through its exoticism and elegance.

Our shows

Dynamic bollywood show

Romantic Indian choreographies

Bollywood dancers show, Banghra

Several performances possible


  • Luminous costumes in the dark
  • Indian Flashmob
  • Indian Orchestra Musicians
  • Bindi workshop and Indian makeup for your guests
  • Bollywood costume rental
  • Welcome with a throw of rose petals, incense to fully immerse yourself in an exotic Indian atmosphere
  • Our vidéos

    Indian Bollywood dancers for your weddings and corporate events

    Bollywood show and light animations